Singing Performance


Saturday morning (15th June 2013), my school held a singing contest between classes in order to tone up the final semester activities. The name of the contest is ‘SPENSA Idol’. Maybe, it was a good n great experience for 10 contestants were joined the contest.  I was with the both of my friend entered the hall room where contest is held. We sat near the door of the hall. It was very crowded. Suddenly, my vice-principal called me and asked to sing a few songs after all contestants performed. You know? I don’t have a prep time n it makes me confused.

Yeay, I’m the winner of ‘SPENSA Idol’ last year. That’s why I’m often invited in various school events. I;m so happy to do something like that, but sometimes I was tired. Sigh !
But, I decided to accept the request of my teacher to sing. And I would to sing ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People as the first song and the second is ‘Moving On’ by Andien. All the students in the hall room called out and yelled my name. So crowded there! 
I was really shy and it made my heart flutter as will begin to sing. However, I’m so thanksful for watching me in my every performance. Without you, I couldn’t be a famous student in school. Hahahaha ! I just could laugh to see all of this. Thanks for Allah who has given me something great. Thanks for all my beloved people. Lafyuuu all 😉


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