What Happening Today ?????


Yeaay it was the third time we gathered anymore and had a fun near Adipura’s park. So for starters…. today we have doing some activities outside school. Ahh those sweet moments, LOL. Anyway some of my friends have captured a few photos but I still haven’t publish it yet in this blog, just wait patiently 😉 *maksa. Well, bout this activity it has become an annual agenda in each the middle of semester’s activity… Somebody were there, dancing and gymnastic together with all teachers of school. It was so out of my expectation when I knew that the usual place which often used before, had change to the front of “Labeng Mesem”. Do you know tha? What a cool historical relics. How happy I was !!! Sooooo you have to know, mainly  the natives of Sumenep region, di Sumenep kita gak cuma kudu enjoy sama TB, Tobys, and others. The place there, yap “Keraton Sumenep” which cooler than than those places. It’s not like I dislike and don’t want to visit those places, we as young generation also should spend a lot many time there, in order to get know what’s the real history of our region ??

Ohyeaah, It’s already done we have in the last paragraph. Cheeeeersss !!! SUMENEP SUMEKAR.


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