Nothing Impossible !!!!


Holaaaa.. several days ago, I was joining a great competition. I mean that’s “English Competition 2013” held by one of good english course named Mercury Education Center. Yapp my school had trusted for a few students as representative from our school! Of crs, including me. Ahhhh those sweet moments *LOL*. And you know that there was something special happened to myself. Yap it was so out of my expectation 😉 I could passed to semifinals session. And I was at number 13! Then I joined anymoree in semifinals session. But wait, do you know what the main gifts for the winner ?? WOW, the winner will be to go to Baliiiiiii.. and it’s FREE guyss. What a cool gift right?! ritee.. But I don’t care with all of gifts. I just wanna be the best for what I have struggled. God has prepare something better for our future. Dont worry guyss! Forget, and finally the competition has found 3winners who ‘ll represent our island, MADURA in final session. While me?????? Yeah, I was at numb. 6 in Madura. Though I couldn’t grab my dreaaams to be a winner in that competition, most important is we have did the best 🙂 

Okeeey see ya in next competition ,, !!!! 😉 


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