Why With Meeeee???????


Hy guysss, para penikmat wordpress, para blogger. Lo tau nggak?? Sore ini gue galau parah, tingkat dewadewicinta. Argggh! Impian gue ke Malang gak kesampean. Actually, ke Malang sih udah biasa lah, tapi yg ini beda. Beda bangeeeet! The ticket to go to Malang isn’t for holiday’s time but to represent our region, MADURA. Yapp, in the previous post I have told you that anyone who qualify as 3 finalist will be go to Malang to compete anymore with representative of Malang’s region. How proud they’re guyss 🙂 Tapi yah namanya takdir, keberuntungan masih belum berpihak sama gue. Dikit lagi aja gue ngelangkah, sipppppp dah gue lolos sebagai finalis guys. But, unfortunately I was in numb 6, and the scored was 90. But that’s incredible thing. It was so out of my expectation, gue jadi siswa no. 6 se-Madura di English Competition 2013 OF Mercury ini. Meski, from the deepest of my heart, gue kecewa dengan hasilnya. And u know what?? kenapa gue bisa separah ini galaunya? karna the ticket for the holiday’s time in Bali udah di depan mata para finalis2 itu. Nah gue? I haven’t visit the Dewata Island yet. That’s the reason why I’m so ngebet banget pingin menang dalam competition ini. Haddddduuuuuh….. gue gak tau, harus ngelampiasin gimana rasa kecewa gue ini. Hahhh? Dan lo tau hadiah apa aja yg bakal diterima sama THE WINNER ?? They’ll get 1 million rupiahs, trophy, charter as the winner and sertificate, free coaching from the Mercury’s course, and also the special thing will be accept is FREE VACATION TO BALIIIIII. What a cool things! So now, did u’ll be not disappointed, when the prize wasn’t obtained with your ownself, just because the results are attempting through balls???? 

Well, thanks for reading yaa guys:’)  #curahanhatigue


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