GAC for Break Timeeee

Here's the photos of GAC

Tarraaaa… meet me again! After for a week i don’t published something new here. So now, to the point, I wanna to talk more about music. You know, since I was a child I have loved the music. All type of music, be my favorited 😀 Moreover, approximately several years ago our Youtube has been enlived with 3 singers named Gamaliel Audrey Cantika or well known as GAC. Yeah, they’re published their video recordings and covered a view songs from abroad. I really enjoyed when I heard that video. Such as “Telephone by Lady Gaga“, “Maniac by Girlicious and Break Your Heart by yadayadayada-imforgetit” and much more. Since that time, I was be one of their subscribers in order to always updating their new videos. Recently post in Gamal’s youtube, –> here’s the situs link ( was Mirror which covered by GAC. Wowwww that’s great guyss, ritee?? rite? ritee….hmm. And I also favored one of their covers that’s “Break Your Heart and Maniac“! They mashed the both of songs up. Yeah they thought that the lyricly wasn’t connected, but whatever they said! They just want to get a fun. The only male in GAC is GAMALIEL. He plays the guitar as like as a profecional guitaris. While the both of female is AUDREY and CANTIKA. So yeah, their voice like a bit jazz jazz gimanaa gitu. Arrgh, I really wanna be the partner of them, covering the few songs with them and colaboration with them. Actuall, many more that I want to share with you about their music. I promised *maybe* hehe I’ll continue this post anymore be a complicated talking ever. 😉 

Cheerssss x_x

Here’s the few photos of GAC 😉 :
gamaliel audrey cantika


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