One of My Best Idol Singer… !!


Haiiii… Now, I’ll talk more about one of my best idol singer in the world, named Jason Derulo. Okey, for starter do you know who Jason Derulo is?? i guess, you must know him ritee ritee ritee?? hehe. Yap, Jason Derulo was born on on September 21, 1989 as Jason Joel Desrouleaux. He’s an American singer-songwriter, but he also could act as actor and dancer. And I begun to idolized him since several months ago from his songs “The Other Side” and “It Girl“. “The Other Side” is one of many songs that Jason created by him ownself, had released on April 3, 2013, as the first single from his third studio album, Tattoos (2013). While “It Girl” released as the second single from his second studio album, Future History on August 9, 2011.  Lyrically, it revolves around Derulo singing the praises of the perfect girl he found after searching all over.

video-premiere-jason-derulo-s-it-girl jason-derulo-the-other-side-lyric-video-600x337

Then, since I was watching his videos in Youtube I interested to download any songs of him and always listens it every time. Yap, musically the songs like R&B song and so yeaaaah. Arggh really i can’t describe how Jason Derulo is. Well, if u wanna to be his fans too, you can visit or watch a bit video maybe of him. Here’s, I’ll give you the link of youtube which posted video of him –> ! 

Daaaa.. greetings from Lovely INDONESIAAAA !!!! x_x

Here’s the few photos of Jason 😉 :


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