My Dearest ever :’)


 Afgan Syahreza was born in Jakarta, on May 27th 1989. He’s an Indonesian pop singer and also actor. Do u know that Afgan was born in a musical family of Minangkabau origin. He’s the second of four siblings. The career began when he and his few friends have the similar hobby to singing. Then,they decided to record a their voice on private album at WannaB Instant Recording Studio. When the producers at that studio heard Afgan’s voice, they were interested to offered Afgan a contract. Then,Afgan agreed:) 

His first album was released about 2009. The tracks that were on his album, such as “Terima Kasih Cinta”, “Klise”, “Sadis”. A music video of the song “Terima Kasih Cinta” was produced by Thalita Latief and directed by Jose purnomo. Since it,he won variety awards of his achievement of music. In 2009, he appeared at the first time as actor in the film entitled “BUKAN CINTA BIASA” with Olivia Lubis Jensen. He also sang the title track for the film. Next Year,he also appeared in Film “Cinta 2 Hati” with Olivia Lubis Jensen and Tika Putri. He also performed on the film’s soundtrack. His second album “The One” released in 2010. 

Not only that,Afgan’s personal life is closely followed by Indonesia Media. Afgan was often rumored has a relationship with several female celebrities, such as Arumi Bachsin, Maudy Ayunda, Olivia Jensen, Raisha Andriana. He had just graduated from his college, Monash University Sunway campus, Malaysia. He took the the major of economic Recently, he released the 3rd album named “L1ve to Love”. The first track is Pesan Cinta 🙂

I getting addicted to be your true fans on music. Even, if you ask me to be ur girlfriend? unthingking.. I’ll accept u as the part of my life then I’ll love you with whole my heart. My deares ever :’) 


Here’s photos of him :
when he was graduating from the college!


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